Why does my skin look patchy as my spray tan comes off?


Other than looking a little unsightly, don’t worry, no damage has occurred to you or your skin.

Your outer epidermis (this is known as the horny layer) has about seven layers of dead skin. This layer hermetically seals your body, keeping all unwanted things out. It also exfoliates away. On average, you loose about 1 layer every seven days. A spray tan penetrates about 2 of these layers. As your skin cells exfoliates, whiter skin underneath becomes exposed. Skin does not exfoliate evenly. Combine this with the too much spray solution in the wrong places and you could have an unsightly mess as your spray tan comes off, or more precisely, as it exfoliates away.

This is one reason why having your spray tan applied by hand from an experienced technician will result in a better spray tan. We know the problem areas and how to spray them in order to minimize that ‘patchy’ look.

If you have a patchy looking spray, come and see us. We have products and techniques that will blend out the patchiness as your tan fades away.


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