Does my UV Tanning Session Give me Vitamin D?

The answer is YES – and very efficiently too! This is because a Sunbed allows you the opportunity to have your body’s Vitamin D factory (your skin) working at up to 100% capacity, depending on what you wear (or don’t wear) during your tanning session. Think about it – when you are outside in the sun, you have much less skin exposed. Skin that is not receiving direct rays or that is blocked by clothing, can not make Vitamin D. A Sunbed increases efficiency while lowering the risk of over exposure. A win – win!



How Long Will My Spray Tan Last?


Making a Spray tan last is tricky business. We can make it last up to 2 weeks or longer by applying more spray. But remember, the more spray that goes on, the more potential the risk of it looking unnatural while your have it and/or patchy when it comes off.

This is one of the many advantages of having you spray tan applied by hand using handheld equipment specially designed for spray tan applications. Unlike a spray booth, an experienced technician knows where on your body to apply more, where to apply a little less and where to apply none at all. In this way we can make your spray tan look darker and more natural while you have and more importantly, minimize that ugly patchy look while it comes off.