9 Spray Tan Tips & How It Works

How does the D.H.A. solution make your skin tan?

D.H.A. (dihydroxyacetone) is a 3 carbon sugar made from plants like sugar cane and sugar beets. The D.H.A. in the spray tan solution causes proteins in the outer layers of your skin to react with oxygen in the air resulting in a bronzing effect. The best way to understand this can be illustrated with this analogy: When you take a bite out of an apple and set it down the fruit begins to turn brown after it is exposed to the air for a while. This is similar to what takes place with D.H.A. and your skin after your spray tan is applied. You are NOT applying a dye to your skin but rather creating a situation where the outer layers of your skin develops a bronze colour on its own through a natural chemical process.

The solution we apply contains an ‘Instant Bronzer’. This means you will see immediate results. Your skin will continue to darken for the next 8 hours while the DHA process is taking place. When you shower, you will wash the ‘Instant Bronzer’ but the spray tan developed from the DHA will remain leaving you with a tan that will slowly fade as your skin exfoliates away. (Visit this Australian Gold link for info on the spray tan equipment we use.)

Some tips to receive maximum benefit from your spray tan:

  1. You should shower and exfoliate prior to being sprayed. Waxing, shaving, manicures and Pedicures should be done before your spray tan.
  2. Avoid applying any lotions, creams, makeup, deodorant, or other products to the skin prior to being sprayed.
  3. Loose fitting clothes are less likely to rub the solution off the treated skin surface.
  4. Avoid wearing light colored clothing before your first shower. The ‘Instant Bronzer’ in the solution might stain any garments you wear during the application, and those you wear home. Any stains from the solution should come off if you wash the garments upon returning home.
  5. Avoid silk and leather until after your first shower. These materials contain proteins and the still-active solution may transfer to them and discolour them.
  6. Do not do anything that will cause you to sweat, do not bathe, swim or otherwise get wet for 8 hours after the application.
  7. Keeping your skin moisturized and not exfoliating will extend the life of your tan.
  8. To achieve the darkest, longest-lasting tan, you should be spray tanned again within 2 or 3 days of the first application, then at least once week after.
  9. Using a Tan Extender between applications will give the tanned skin a darker and more even appearance while extending the life of your tan.

After the 8 hours, when you bathe or shower, you may notice some colour washing away. This is the ‘Instant Bronzer’ washing away and is a normal part of the process that will not affect your remaining tan.

IMPORTANT: Please let us know of any allergies you have before your Spray Tan session. Your Spray Tan application does NOT protect you from the sun. Use appropriate sun protection as required.